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Scripps College Ceramics Annual

I made a recent trip to Claremont California to visit my daughter at Harvey Mudd College. I made sure to visit the Scripps College Ceramics Annual at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Art Museum on campus. This is the 73rd edition of the show and was curated by Joan Takayama-Ogawa. The show is titled A Sense of Place.

In my experience this has always been a top shelf show and I was not disappointed! The show runs through April 21st, so there is plenty of time to see it if you're in Claremont.

The artists included in the Annual are; Chris Antemann, Jeff Oestreich, Diego Romero, Red Weldon Sandlin, Porntip Sangvanich, Michael Sherrill, Anna Silver, Mara Superior, and Ehren Tool. I was foolish enough not to photograph the titles so I can't really remember who's is who's, nor can I find a list online. Explore for yourself!

A wall of mugs

Fun fable/fairy tale inspired teapots.

Bronze branches with ceramic fruit and leaves. Some of the leaves were interesting glaze techniques which I couldn't figure out, and others were different colors of clay with a clear glaze I presume.

Detail of the mugs

Geometric wall sculpture.

A few politically charged sculptures are included.

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