Claremont Botanical Gardens Infrared

I was in Southern California last week dropping my daughter off at college and made a trip to the botanical gardens that are just north of Foothill Boulevard on College avenue. Technically it is called Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens, and hosts a great collection of native plants. It was a sunny (but hot! - 100° +) and perfect for some Infrared shots. I like the results.

More Crater Lake Infrared

A couple more shots as I sort through the results. A view of Wizard Island from the rim. I found this interesting snag near the Rim Village.

Infinity Mirrors - Yayoi Kusama at SAM

I was fortunate to see the Infinity Mirrors installation by Yayoi Kusama at SAM late last month. Tickets are a bit difficult to come by, even for a SAM member! They are still available in person at the museum, you just have to go there before they open and wait in line. Typically you can get the time spot that you want. Near the entrance of the exhibit are more traditional paintings and sculptures. I enjoyed the tentacle like pieces. Quite a variety of examples were included. A rowboat inspired contribution to the show. Here is my daughter mugging in one of the Infinity Mirrors interacting pieces. This one (and the very top image) were boxes or a kiosk that you could poke your head into

Crater Lake Infrared

Just returned from a trip to Crater lake National Park in Oregon. I shot a number of IR pics, but the haze from the two nearby forest fires made it a difficult task. A shot from the rim. Wizard Island in the right-hand background.

Pivot for my Birthday

I ventured to the Allen Family's Pivot gallery for the first time which happened to be on my birthday. I've been kind of curious as to what the Allen Family Foundation owns. I recently saw the landscape exhibition at the SAM and saw a little bit more there. Here I am standing in front of a pair of Frank Stella paintings, probably from the early 1960's. The Title of the exhibit is simply, Color & Pattern. A nice example of a Rothko I think titled Yellow over Red. Here is a more contemporary piece by Philip Taaffe from 2006 titled Cape Zephyr. Here is a close up of the work. It appears to be paint with some sort of transfers. It is listed as mixed media on linen. Of course this beautiful K

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