Announcement for "and/or" at Lynn Hanson Gallery

It says it all above. I get to show the "and/or" series as a whole finally! Opens at the Art Walk on Thursday July 5th from 5-8 PM. A more formal reception and artist talk will be on Saturday July 21st from 3-5 PM.

K40 Laser - Entry 16: Double Cutting Line Issue

I was having issues with the K40 cutting aline twice, with the second cut being maybe a few pixels outside of the first. This made for cuts that did not necessarily penetrate the whole thickness of the substrate (1/8" plywood, and in particular, 1/8" mdf) and when it did, it was a burnt and ragged cut. As usual, I've been using LaserDRW, the stock software that comes with the K40 until I can find the time to upgrade. It is as I've stated before a stripped down, very simple software with no bells and whistles. It does have its limitations. The double line issue was from LaserDRW interpreting a line as basically a shape, albeit at thin shape. No matter how thin I made the line it was essen

Laser Cut and Engraved Moon for Trial and Error

I created this moon for one of the niches in the piece. It is engraved in 1/8" mdf and is around 3.5" in diameter. The settings were at 500mm/sec and around 20% power for any K40 people out there. I struggled a little bit to cut it completely through. I think that is a focusing issue and am a few mm out of focus, but it still works pretty well. I was able to "pop" it out of the mdf, but one part of the edge was fuzzy.

"Resonate" at the Burien Arts Pop-up Gallery

I actually created the I needed something to do. Details are above. From July 2nd to 31st, with the opening on Tuesday the 2nd from 6:00-7:30. It is a busy week for me with the Lynn Hanson show happening simultaneously.

Trial and Error Progressing Nicely

I've been sitting on this piece for along time. I built the frame and whale over a year ago. Time flies! I'm finally getting around to painting it as the Lynn Hanson Gallery show approaches. I have plenty of work ready, but I like how the last minute rush can produce a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time Here the frame has been painted and the initial stages of distressing have begun. The distressing is almost complete. Just adding some moss effects. Adding the unfinished elements to get an idea of what it will look like. the saw blades and moon are pretty much done. No on to distressing the plaques, adding the moss, and working out what the background panels will look l

Sticks and Stones Completed

Nice to finish another piece in the build up for the two shows approaching. I forgot to shoot some photos of details, so they'll be coming soon

Steve Comba's New Web Site

I have mentioned Steve Comba a number of times here. He is the assistant director of the Pomona College Museum of Art and a CGU alumni. He is also quite a painter, print maker and all around artist. Like may of us older guys, he is finally up to date with a fresh website, courtesy of his daughter's expertise. Here is a link to

Fair and Square Completed

It is a little late coming for 2018 as this is the first work that I've completed for the year. Plenty of work is in progress, so there will be more to come...some soon with the solo show at Lynn Hanson Gallery fast approaching Here's a detail of the copper rock fish. I tried a little bit different technique with the scales. Here is a detail of the distressing of the REBOUND plaque. And finally a detail of the gauge that was create for this piece

Daniel Smith Golden Gesso

A number of years ago I purchased a pint of Daniel Smith's gold gesso. I occasionally use gold paint in my work, and I have to say that this product may be the best gold paint, gesso or not, that I've ever used. It is quite smooth, and a creamy consistency. Now it doesn't cover in one coat, but the build up is consistent, and I really like the surface after a few coats. Now I've used it more or less like regular acrylic, and not as a gesso for normal painting. I do prime amy of my laser cut details that I want to look like brass or bronze with it. I had been meaning to pick some up a while back noting that my pint was getting towards the bottom of the can, but I couldn't find any. I figu

Sticks and Stones Progressing Nicely - Paint Distressing Steps

So here is the original from an earlier post. The background body is a plywood structure skinned in thin MDF. the screws are 3/8" birch hole buttons with an x laser engraved to create a phillips head screw head. The release plaque is 1/8" MDF that has been laser engraved as well. The right hand side which is difficult to see is texture paste modeled to look like torch cut steel. The pipe is made from 1" dowel. A few details such as a some welds and a small plaque on the pipe were added before a coat of dark gray was applied. I then added a coat of Daniel Smith venetian red gesso. After it dries, I applied a coat of hair spray. Yes, lacquer hair spray from the Dollar Store. I added a final

Nova color Paints

If you art a Southern California artist yo most likely know about Nova Color paints. For those not familiar with Nova Color, they are an acrylic paint and medium manufacturer located in the Culver City of the Los Angeles basin. They are a hidden treasure of the art world! Quality paint at a very competitive price. Their catalogue lists prices ranging from 4 ounces up to a 5 gallon bucket. Since they're nestled near many movie and TV studios, I'd suspect that they do a lot of business in that arena as well. One of my favorite products is the black texture paste pictured above. I use it for all sorts of areas in my faux style painting, and recently my 1 gallon bucket finally dried up/went

New Piece Progressing

With the July deadlines fast approaching for a couple of shows, I've been getting at least a bit of art work done. This is Sticks and Stones (Release), in its mid stages.

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