New Piece Laser Cut and Ready for Paint

I have a new piece that has been laser cut and assembled. It is ready for paint. Here's the whole thing assembled. The body of the piece has a window to see the gears inside. the title will have a play on the word deliberate, though I'm not sure what else will be included at this time.

Double Exposure at SAM Winding Down

You have until September 9th to see the Double Exposure exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. This is an exhibit that compares and contrasts the photo documentation of the Indigenous America Peoples by Edward Curtis, with native contemporary artists and photographers. Highlights: Edward Curtis' view camera. It was cool to see the camera that actually captured some of these images. There was some documentation included that highlighted the provenance of the object. Goldentone photographs. I had never heard of or could remember seeing and goldentone photos before. Apparently it is a type of photo paper that has "gold colored" pigment included in the emulsion. I believe these were contact pri

Icon Show Card

Here's the official card for the show at Lynn Hanson Gallery. I did not enter the show this year, but my son did and was accepted. His entry is featured in the previous blog post.

Icon Show at Lynn Hanson Gallery

ICON 6th Annual Juried Show Juror, Kelly Lyles September 6-29, 2018 Opening Night First Thursday Art Walk September 6, 5-8 Artist Reception and Awards Night September 22, 4-6 PM Lynn Hanson Gallery

Seattle Art Fair - Report 4

Other observations: These faces were 3-D printed possibilities based on a person's DNA. Interesting, it appeared to me that they were printed on a high end printer and printed in a variety of colors of plastic and not printed plain and painted. There were a few cast stainless(?) sharks. The one on the bottom mixed a shark and an assault rifle into one item. I don't remember which booth included this Joseph Cornell. Don't see these every day. A preview of coming attractions at Greg Kucera Gallery. y is a bronze, blanket, and walnut piece by Marie Watt A blanket piece by Marie was included as well. Finally, an Eizabeth Sandvig painting was proudly displayed at the Woodside Braseth Gallery.

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