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Seattle Art Fair - Report 4

Other observations:

These faces were 3-D printed possibilities based on a person's DNA. Interesting, it appeared to me that they were printed on a high end printer and printed in a variety of colors of plastic and not printed plain and then painted.

There were a few cast stainless(?) sharks. The one on the bottom mixed a shark and an assault rifle into one item.

I don't remember which booth included this Joseph Cornell. Don't see these every day.

A preview of coming attractions at Greg Kucera Gallery is a bronze, blanket, and walnut piece by Marie Watt

A blanket piece by Marie was included as well.

Finally, an Elizabeth Sandvig painting was proudly displayed at the Woodside Braseth Gallery. Apparently the piece sold.

As I stated in an earlier post, I thought that there have been stronger Art Fairs in Seattle. While this year was not as exciting to me as past editions, it was still worth the price of admission. I look forward to the 2019 offerings.

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