Now or Never (Fatigue) included in the COCA Members Show

I received some good news yesterday that I had a piece accepted into the 2017 Center on Contemporary Art's 2017 member's show entitled, "Make America Create Again". The piece to be included is a recent work from the And/Or Series entitled, Now or Never (Fatigue). I look forward to the show, which is during April 6-29 in the COCA Gallery in Pioneer Square. I haven't shown in Pioneer Square for some time.

Blanket Stories at the Gates Foundation

I had a recent workshop at the Gates Foundation in downtown Seattle, right by Seattle Center. While moving between venues, I stumbled upon on of Marie Watts' Blanket Stories sculptures. This particular example consisted of blankets from the employees of the foundation, and included these guest books with comments. Here is a closeup of the tags that are attached to each blanket, documenting the origin of the item, who it belonged to, and other details.

Giant Pen!

Jim Woodring is a well known Seattle area artist. He is probably best know for his cartooning work. For this show at the Frye, he built a giant pen, around 4 feet long to do some pen and ink drawings. The exhibitioni s titled, The Pig Went Down to the Harbor at Sunset and Wept. Here is one of the drawings from the show. They are smartly done and I like that you can see some remnants of his initial pencil lines that he could not erase and you can tell where he really followed his original sketch, and where he "freelanced" it. This is a photo from the Frye site of Jim in action using what looks like a 4 foot long Koh-i-noor pen with nib. It even has the red and black handle I remember from

February Exhibit at LCC

My friends at Lower Columbia College in Longview are hosting artist Diana Fairbanks for an exhibit that is opening on February 14th and runs to March 9th. Opening Reception: February 14, 4 - 6 pm

Arwalk February 2017

I hit the February Artwalk on a cold Thursday night! Reporting mostly on Foster White Galley since that is where I took most of my photos. A fun wall piece by Evan Blackwell entitled Clear-Cut. That is a small mirror in the center "hole". This ceramic piece, entitled, Lion is by George Rodriguez. It is quite sizable at 43 inches in height. George seems to be a favorite at Foster White. Another well know artist exhibiting is Ton Angel. This is a bronze piece, Winter Resident. We received a explanation of the patina process used to decorate this work by one of the gallery staff. It is a wonderful rendition of faux marble, but is in fact bronze. At Linda Hodges this installation of ceram

February at the Frye -1

Archipenko - A Modern Legacy in a show not to be missed! This exhibition snuck up on me and I really wasn't aware of it until I was there for the opening reception. Alexander Archipenko is of course a celebrated Ukranian sculptor/painter from the early to mid 20th century. I've been fortunate to see a number of his sculptures in my travels but I've always been taken by his wall sculptures. This one is a dandy! Quite large at 38 in. x 84 in. It is titled Cleopatra from1957 and is constructed from wood, bakelite and found objects. (Photo courtesy the Frye since no photography was allowed.) Here is a stunning sculpture, Architectural Figure, 1950 , Painted terra-cotta , Frances Archipenko Gr

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