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Arwalk February 2017

I hit the February Artwalk on a cold Thursday night! Reporting mostly on Foster White Galley since that is where I took most of my photos.

A fun wall piece by Evan Blackwell entitled Clear-Cut. That is a small mirror in the center "hole".

This ceramic piece, entitled, Lion is by George Rodriguez. It is quite sizable at 43 inches in height. George seems to be a favorite at Foster White.

Another well known artist exhibiting is Tony Angel. This is a bronze piece, Winter Resident. We received a explanation of the patina process used to decorate this work by one of the gallery staff. It is a wonderful rendition of faux marble, but is in fact bronze.

At Linda Hodges this installation of ceramic books by Timea Tihanyi. A little reseach shows that the artist has a BFA in Ceramics from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Doctor of Medicine, from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary making for an interesting combination.

A number of the galleries had holdover shows from January, but there was enough quality new work to merit a trip downtown for a peek.

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