A Couple of Sales at "Best from the Best"

Two pieces sold to private collectors at the "Best from the Best" show at Lynn Hanson Gallery: Tantalizing sold at the opening Analogue sold to a collector with two other of my pieces at the closing.

Cleaning and Caring for Artwork

Care and Cleaning of Artwork:​ About my Artworks: My “relics” are built from wood. Some of the surfaces are solid wood, typically poplar or alder. The back panels are usually Baltic birch plywood. If the “frame” area of the piece looks like distressed metal, then the surface is HDF (High Density Fiberboard). Typical woodworking glue and assembly and techniques are used in the construction of each piece. The are designed and built to be collectible and last indefinitely under the proper conditions. ​ Display: Each wooden work is prepped and painted with acrylic paint. Whether the surface is matte or glossy, it has been clear coated with a UV protective layer. With this said, it is best to di

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