John McLaughlin at LACMA

A bit late in coming, but during my February visit to the LACMA it was pleasantly surprised to see an exhibit of John McLaughlin's work. The exhibition is titled "Total Abstraction and consists of 52 paintings and a selection of collages. McLaughlin was included in the famous 1959 LACMA show "Four Abstract Classicists" that included my Pomona College and Claremont Graduate University mentor Karl Benjamin. This was a landmark show at the time and defined part of Southern California and West Coast art at the time. Here is some signage that highlights the period. I doubt I'd ever seen pieces from that show, or at least from that time period other than Karl's, so it was interesting to tour this

Warhol Soup Cans at LACMA

One of Warhol's Soup Can prints/paintings displayed from the permanent collection at LACMA. Seems thqat this was a gift to the museum in 2005. The painting is from 1964. This is not one from the original installation of 32, as the scale is far larger than those in the 4 x 8 grid of works you see so often online. What I like about it is the registration mark that had never been covered when it was printed, or perhaps this canvas was used as a setup, or proof for the rest of the print run. Looks like the fact was a little off that day and the registration is a bit out of alignment.

Artist's Talk: Philip K. Smith III

I recently took another trip to Southern California and one of the highlights occurred on the day we arrived - an artist talk at Pitzer College in Claremont California. I was not familiar with him by name, but I had seen the image of his cabin on the slide behind him circulating recently. The work is titled "Lucid Stead" and is/was located in the Palm Desert area near Palm Springs. If you are unfamiliar with his work, Smith is a trained architect who studied at RISD and fell into sculpture well into his architecture career. He was inspired by light and space artists James Turrel, Dan Flavin and Robert Irwin. Anyway, if you do not understand this piece, it is simply an old homestead cabin

Make America Create Again at COCA

I have a piece included in the current COCA (Center on Contemporary Art) show for the month of April. The show is titled, "Make America Create Again" and opens on first Thursday, April 6 and is part of the Pioneer Square Artwalk. The piece is Now or Never (Fatigue).

Tree Speak at the Claremont Museum of Art

This event is curated by a CGU friend of mine, Rebecca Hamm and includes a couple of my friends including Chris Toovey and Steve Comba. I'll be back down in Claremont soon so I'll need to check it out. A link to the museum can be found here.

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