Jacob Lawrence Migration Series at the SAM

So the Jacob Lawrence Migration series has been reunited again, this time at the Seattle Art Museum. If you've taken any art history classes in college, you've seen various images of at least a couple of pieces from this body of work. It is always fun to see familiar work such as these in person...especially all of them. One thing I typically like to look at with famous work such as this is the presentation and framing. Is it the original frame from the artist, or has the museum conserved it and framed it again? In this case these are in their original state, very plain understated pine or fir wood frames that may have even been done by the artist. The frames are not particularly impres

Arts Unlimited of Renton

I attended a immigration solidarity rally in downtown Renton this past Sunday and happened upon the Arts Unlimited of Renton organization. They are located in the old Western Wear building at 724 S. 3rd Street, Suite A, Renton, WA 98057. Here's a shot of the interior of the space. It is quite sizable and will house at least two gallery spaces, a retail space and a classroom/studio. Here is a shot of the space during its recent face lift. I had been getting Facebook feeds about the organization recently and they hold open studio time on Sundays from 12:00 to between 2:00 and 4:00 depending on the turnout. Drinks and pizza are provided. I'll try to make it a regular weekend event. This app

Levitating Mass at LACMA

Another highlight of the LACMA visit was the experiencing of Michael Heiser's Levitating Mass from 2012. I followed the journey of this boulder from a Riverside California quarry to its final resting spot at the LACMA. Apparently it is not a permanent installation as it is expected to be there for just 3500 years. During its excursion there were all sorts of Facebook and art-blog posts chronicling its tour through the Southland. Kinda' fun to see it in person and installed. I had to take the gratuitous tourist shot. Here's a link to the LACMA and reports leading up to the installation

New Warhol Prints at the Pomona College Museum

Another installment from my trip to Southern California was a visit to the Pomona College Art Museum. Apparently these are a gift from the Andy Warhol Foundation. Here's a link to the Pomona College Museum's site. Cathedral is one of Warhol's prints that utilizes diamond dust as a "flock" additive to the dark areas that were screen-printed Another version of the image in a different color combination This portrait is displayed with a couple of polaroids used for reference. Interesting to see part of the process. I've never seen this sunset image before. A view of the installation. Finally the famous portrait of Chairman Mao. the exhibit is up until May 14th, so if you're in Claremont, it i

Chris Burden at the LACMA

One can't enter the LACMA without being confronted by Chris Burden's Urban Light from 2008. Wow, 2008, I has been that long since I've visited the LACMA! This museum being so accessible to me during the 1980's that it's collections have had their impact on me. It is great to see that His work is now recognized there on such a grand scale. Nice to see the local visitors interacting with it. Inside the contemporary wing is Burden's Metropolis II from 2011 which is a kinesthetic racetrack of a sculpture. This thing is huge and can amuse you for hours. I've always enjoyed the playful and tinkering aspect of his work such as this. Here is a Youtube video of it running (not my own).

Archipenko - Round 2

While in Southern California I made a trip to the LACMA on President's day. It was extremely crowded, but was in fact free admission. I saw this Alexander Archipenko piece during the visit. This is the scale and type of work that I am used to seeing, or rather that I am probably the most interested in, so it caught my attention. The scale is smaller that pieces at the Frye, as this one is probably 16" x 24". Here is a sculpture as well.

Scripps College Ceramics Annual

I made a recent trip to Claremont California to visit my daughter at Harvey Mudd College. I made sure to visit the Scripps College Ceramics Annual at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Art Museum on campus. This is the 73rd addition of the show and was curated byJoan Takayama-Ogawa. The show is titled A Sense of Place. Here is a link to the Scripps site. In my experience this has always been a top shelf show and I was not disappointed! The show runs through April 21st, so there is plenty of time to see it if you're in Claremont. The artists included in the Annual are; Chris Antemann, Jeff Oestreich, Diego Romero, Red Weldon Sandlin, Porntip Sangvanich, Michael Sherrill, Anna Silver, Mara Superi

Peter Shelton sculpture at the Pomona College Art Museum

On my Southern California trip I made my way to the Pomona College Museum of Art and was greeted by this sculpture. ghandiG by Peter Shelton is located outside the Pomona College Art Museum and stands 30 feet tall with a 10 foot wide base. It is cast bronze and completed in 2002. However, I'm not sure when it was installed. Peter is a Pomona College alumni and has commissions throughout the country including a number here in the Seattle region. His website is here.

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