Artist Statement


The most enjoyable part of being an artist is just the pure fun of making things.  My best work combines the skills and techniques that I enjoy the most – mainly woodworking and painting.



Each piece takes on a very personal theme.  Some are tributes to people, special places, and things that I observed and experienced with my family as a child.  Others are private observations that comment about adult life.  These may seem mundane or insignificant to some, but are important to me.   I ask the viewer to examine the individual elements of each piece with the hope that they will be incited to draw their own conclusions as their relationships and thus the meaning of each work.  I hope that the viewer can experience the essence of that particular place or feeling that I have felt. 



Jim Lilly was born and lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.  He attended Pomona College where he majored in art, and later received his MFA from the Claremont Graduate University.

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