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Bio/Artist Statement

I am a  Washington artist who creates intricately painted wall sculptures that typically depict the Salish Sea and adjoining regions.

These tromp l’oeil pieces utilize a combination of a modern laser cutter and traditional sculpting tools. Presented as striking contemporary reliquaries, they appear to be made of metal and stone, with precise details executed down to fabricated screw heads and torch cut steel plating. Being inspired by events, settings, and politics in the Salish Sea region, I meticulously paint and sculpt fish, whales, and crabs to occupy places of reverence in the center of industrial looking altars. Single words ask questions and define polarities with a thesis capstone word featured within the reliquary. Viewers are left to puzzle out the meanings of these disparate but beautifully combined compositions.

Born in Seattle, I grew up in Bellevue, graduating from Sammamish High School. Soon after, I ventured to Southern California and Pomona College where I received a BA in painting while graduating with distinction. While at Pomona I was mentored by the late Karl Benjamin, one of the original op art/hard edge painters from the 1950's. I continued with Benjamin’s cherished guidance while earning my MFA from the Claremont Graduate University.

Shortly after finishing graduate school, I established a studio space in Upland California. While producing a body of fresh artwork I supplemented my time as a freelance assistant for a variety of painters and sculptors in the inland empire region. Additionally, I was fortunate to have been accepted to numerous college, university, museum, and private gallery shows throughout West Coast, and nationally.

After some deliberation, I relocated back to Seattle where I have continued my career and added regional, national, and now international exhibitions. I currently live in Renton with my wife and three children and teach art in the region.

Crab man
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