October at Linda Hodges

I had not seen Jed Dunkerley's work before. These are well executed canvases with an environmental message or twist to them. Dunkerley seems to be a local Seattle artist now, with some experience in the art side of the gaming industry. He seems to be a public school art instructor as well. Above is a fun piece titled, American Safari, and takes the selfie to a new level. This is Opportunity in Retreat. Three smaller pieces here, two of which have sold. Here is a link to the show.

October at Foster White Gallery - Shawn Huckins

Colorado artist Shawn Huckins has a far larger presence at Foster White Gallery this month. I've been seeing bits and pieces of his work in their installations, but this month there is a far larger body of work. It appears that these are paintings from his Antheneum series. Above is George Washington (The Lansdowne Portrait): I Can’t Pretend That This Is Poetry. I particularly like this work, Charles Loring Elliot: Panic One (Low Battery). All of the works are acrylic on canvas, which in retrospect surprises me since they look as is they were done with oil at first glance. He truly has command of his medium. I think that the Seattle Times review alluded to the fact that Shawn could be a w


I wasn't formally familiar with Amplifier until October's artwalk. However, I've run across their cause many times in the last year without really knowing it. If you were at the Seattle (or other) Womens' March an many other events, you've been touched by Amplfier. This happens to be the Seattle "chapter". A back lit video on the window of the space caught my attention and that was what drew me in. Shepard Fairy's stunning posters are part of the movement. A well attended event, quite informative and they had a lot of swag! Amplifier calls themselves, "an art machine for social change". Works for me. Their website is: amplifier.org

CoCA's Greatist Hits

Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) has quite the history of installations and exhibitions, and October highlights a number of the "heavy hitters" who have shown there. The exhibition is titled Legacy. This is an aerial shot of James Turrell's Roden Crater. Here is a print of Turrell's installation at the old CoCA space, basically across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. Turrell was the first exhibiting artist for the organization in 1982. Chuck Close is a Washingtonian who has exhibited at the space. Another Seattle Born Artist, Roger Shimomura included this 2016 image from a series about the WW2 Japanese interment camps titled TWO CITIZENS #5. Elizabeth Sandvig contributed t

October at Smith and Vallee

Another great show this month at Smith and Vallee in Edison: Peregrine O'Gormley and Allen Moe Peregrine O'Gormley - 100 year old Roughy Allen Moe - Golden Trout Head (Both photos courtesy of Smith and Vallee Gallery)

Trompe L'oeil and or Forced Perspective

During September and October, Greg Kucera Gallery features Chris Engman's large format photos. The series is titled Equivalence. It is difficult to tell where the photograph ends and the wooden frame begins. Certainly tricks your eye. These remind me of some of my favorite works by California Artist John Okulick. (Photo from Artsy.net)

Portland Visit: Guardino Gallery

I was able to stop by the Guardino Gallery a couple of weekends ago for the Day of the Dead Show. Quite the eclectic mix of all sorts of mediums and processes. This Frida Kahlo inspired piece was perhaps the center piece for the show. I noticed a couple of laser-cut pieces on the left and right side midway up the wally of this part of the display. A variety of scale in the works as well. More great work at really what I consider bargain prices. Here's a link to the Guardino Gallery site.

Robert McCauley at Linda Hodges

I missed posting this last month, but no big deal, since most of the work form this installation has been moved upstairs at Linda Hodges Gallery if you still want to see it This is a light, good natured and fun show. The pieces are whimsical, which was just the ticket for the mood I was in when I viewed it. Most of the work featured bears. There was this circular formated deer with paint brushes piece as well. Titled The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Save Yourself I felt was the best piece in the show! One thing I love to do is try to de-construct or de-paint an artwork. I love taking a closer look at the surface to see the underpainting process. You can see a bit of darker value showing throu

October at Lynn Hanson Gallery

Emblems, works by Scott Burnett open at Lynn Hanson Gallery for October. I am fortunate to have some holdover work displayed there as well!

Photos at Prographica/PDR

Great photos by Marsha Burns at Prographica/PDR in Pioneer Square. The exhibition, Marsha Burns: Look Again is more or less a retrospective of probably 30 years or so of work. I was especially taken by the large format Polaroids, as there aren't many cameras in existence that scale, at 20" x 24". Simply large format quality work. The show continues through October. Here's a link to the show.

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