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October at Foster White Gallery - Shawn Huckins

Colorado artist Shawn Huckins has a far larger presence at Foster White Gallery this month. I've been seeing bits and pieces of his work at their installations, but this month there is a far larger body of work. It appears that these are paintings from his Antheneum series. Above is George Washington (The Lansdowne Portrait): I Can’t Pretend That This Is Poetry.

I particularly like this work, Charles Loring Elliot: Panic One (Low Battery).

All of the works are acrylic on canvas, which in retrospect surprises me since they look as is they were done with oil at first glance. He truly has command of his medium. I think that the Seattle Times review alluded to the fact that Shawn could be a world class art forger if that was his thing. Above is Major John Biddle: Panic Two (Loading Spinner)

I've seen Mrs James Warren: Blah Blah Blah a few times at the gallery, but seeing a larger number of the pieces together makes a big difference! Shawn's website can be found here.

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