Frankie Chapman at Lynn Hanson Gallery

Paintings by Frankie Chapman are at Lynn Hanson Gallery. , November 1-December 15, 2018 Opening Night First Thursday Art Walk, so you'll see me there. November 1, 5-8 PM

Hart James / Tide Pool Series at the Lower Columbia College Art Gallery

The Art Gallery in the Rose Center for the Arts at Lower Columbia College is featuring Hart James and her Tide Pool Series. This is Moon Pull. Oregon, oil and charcoal on canvas. I've shown at the gallery before and it is a spectacular space and worth a visit. I occasionally check in to see what is showing. The opening is October 30th from 4-6 PM , and the show runs through November 29th Lower Columbia College 1600 Maple St. Longview, WA, 98632

Photographing Artwork

I feel fortunate that I am often complimented about the quality of the images of my artwork on my website, and those submitted for shows. Most are pretty good. In the 1980's while in graduate school at The Claremont Graduate University CGU a friend of mine, Christian Monger (who now is a retired professor from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles) did a seminar (as a student) for all of the students as to how to photograph your artwork. Now remember that this is analogue photography days, so we're talking 35mm SLR cameras and film. If I remember correctly, we used Ektachrome 64 with tungsten lights. I bought a nice light meter and some inexpensive clip on lamps and the correct bulbs and had at it.

Artwalk October 2018 - Treason Gallery

The Art Walk this month as a personal reunion of sorts as I met a number of people I had not seen in years. Ron Adams was one of my teaching mentors when I student taught at Mercer Island High School in 1991. It certainly a pleasure to reconnect with him. I ran into him at Greg Kucera Gallery and he told me to hit the Treason Gallery to see the work of a former student of his. I was not disappointed as the artist this month is Mary Iverson. I've seen he work I think at the SAM Gallery, maybe COCA, and I know I had seen her Posters for the People, an art collaboration with the Seattle Sounders Soccer Club. Anyway, I did see a fine show! Somehow, though Treason Gallery had be recommended to me

Intriguing Show at Lynn Hanson Gallery this October

Effervescence and Constraint: The Art and Mythos of Mimi Sturman is at Lynn Hanson Gallery this October. I happened upon the installation last Sunday, and I can say it was intriguing, unique and fun. here are some shot of these felted sculptures. From the Gallery: This installation by Mimi Sturman is an environmental piece about Global Warming. Life size squid in Inuit coats will fill one room of the gallery, the work is made of wool and wire and meshed together (felted) with a single needle. Each installation is accompanied by a story by the artist. An exciting show not to be missed! More to come after the opening tonight.

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