More Infrared Fun and Games

I made a quick trip up to Whidbey Island and took the IR camera along too. The bridge at Deception Pass is stunning in IR. The officers quarters at Camp Casey.

July Artwalk 3 - Davidson Galleries

Davidson Galleries are known primarily know for there extensive inventory and expertise in prints. They did not disappoint this months with woodcuts by Lee Chul Soo. (Image courtesy of Davidson Galleries) I enjoyed this painting, The Words that Won't Come, by Fred Stonehouse. While Davidson is primarily a print gallery, they seem to be pairing with another gallery (?) to show more one off or 3-D work. I searched online for the details, but could find none. I'll ask next time I am down there. Edit: This show appears to be produced by Prographica/KDR. Actually, I've seen their shows there before, I guess they now share the space? Death from Below by Eric Beltz is perhaps the "crispest" g

July Artwalk 2 - Linda Hodges

I've seen Julia Haack's work around town before. Maybe at 4Culture?. Anyway, these are smartly constructed wall sculptutes, created with recycled wood and latex paint . This example, Operra is 61" x 40". While these appear to be painted shapes, perhaps masked off with tape, however, they are put together like marquetry of perhaps cut tile. Very well done. I did not catch the title to this example. Cantinas gives you an idea of the scale of this, the largest of the pieces installed. A fresh and unique style and presentation that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here website is here.

Infrared 7

As I keep editing images I keep being amazed with the results. Beach logs at Kalaloch. Ivy growing on a tree.

July Artwalk

Getting off to a late start with this months artwalk highlights. Damien Davis' installation, White Room, at Method Gallery is a collection of jigsaw puzzle items, all in shades of white. Here is a fun component from the floor of the gallery. As you can see, you a required to wear booties in order to keep the White Room white. There are a number of these glass, plastic and metal compositions throughout the space that combine familiar and no-so-familiar cut out shapes together. Here's a shot of the whole gallery. (Courtesy of Method Gallery) For more info and the artist's statement here's the Method Gallery link.

William Traver Gallery - 40th Anniversary Show

I made it down to the SAM last week to get tickets for the Kusamma exhibits and ventured into the William Traver Gallery. I confess I hadn't been there for years. I have always loved the stable of artists, glass, ceramics, and sculpture for the most part. I always seem to not have enough time to visit the gallery when I am in the area to the the SAM. This time I made sure I would stop by. This first piece is a painted glass piece by Dick Weiss tiltled "Pilchuck Self-Portrait". The technique and style of the painting reminds me of the late Italo Scanga who routinely showed at the gallery and spent some time at the Pilchuck Glass School. I was fortunate enough to have Italo visit my stud

Infrared 6

Sun Beams - Hoh Rain Forest Wind Blown Tree - Hoh Rain Forest. Probably time to put the album together,

More Infrared

Moss is everywhere. This is the Hoh Rainforest A fun perspective of a large Douglass Fir in the Hoh Rainforest Soon I will archive these in an album on this site. More to come.

Infrared Photos - Kalaloch and the Hoh Rain Forest

I spent the fourth of July holiday over on the coast at one of my favorite places - Kalaloch. We did the usual beach hikes but did take a hike up into the Hoh Rainforest as well. I took my infrared camera with me. Not particularly impressive, but it does the job. This is and internet download, but my camera is essentially the same, only a little older. I have a (well actually I bought some backups at the Goodwill, so I think I have 3) Olympus C-2000z from 1999. What makes it so good for IR photography is that it has no IR filter inside of it. Most cameras after around 2001 or so had a IR cancelling filter incorporated, making it impossible to shoot IR without heavy modifications. You add

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