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CoCA's Greatist Hits

Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) has quite the history of installations and exhibitions, and October highlights a number of the "heavy hitters" who have shown there. The exhibition is titled Legacy.

This is an aerial shot of James Turrell's Roden Crater.

Here is a print of Turrell's installation at the old CoCA space, basically across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. Turrell was the first exhibiting artist for the organization in 1982.

Chuck Close is a Washingtonian who has exhibited at the space.

Another Seattle Born Artist, Roger Shimomura included this 2016 image from a series about the WW2 Japanese interment camps titled TWO CITIZENS #5.

Elizabeth Sandvig contributed this whimsical piece.

Her husband, Michael Spafford collaborated with their son Spike Mafford to create this triptych. Images of Spafford's "cut outs" are superimposed over a variety of his son's photographs.

These are not the only individuals included as you can see from the postcard below. Worth at least a quick visit.

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