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K40 Laser - Entry 3: Quality Control Part 1

Did I say quality control? I ran into my next nuance with the K40 - While trying to peel the paper protective tape on the window. I needed to remove the plexiglass from the 4 screw posts that hold it into place inside the cover. Well, the holes were drilled so off center that it cracked when trying to remove it. I temporarily superglued it back together until I could replace it.

If cracking it was the bad news, the good news was when I contacted the seller they refunded me $20 for my trouble, and to top it off, TAP plastics in Bellevue GAVE me replacement acrylic. Sure it was just a piece of off-cut from their remnants bin, but props to them!

With that said, I added a boss piece of smoke gray tinted acrylic, replacing the standard orange. Looks and works great.

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