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K40 Laser - Entry 2: Unpacking

I have initially placed the laser on my cluttered painting/work table. This will have to do until I find/build a cart/table that will work better. It is close to a window for easy access for the exhaust plumbing.

One reason for waiting so long to purchase a K40 was the upgrade to digital controls. Older systems have a dials instead of the digital controller. I figured this might last longer.

Here's everything packed inside. The exhaust fan on the top, the blue tubing on the left is for exhaust fumes as well. The small cardboard box has the water pump inside.

The x-y axis arm is held in place to the infamous spring-loaded clamp/holder with pretty red ribbon. The lens holder mechanism is to the left.

As suggested on may of the K40 blogs, I opened up the unit to inspect the components, wiring, and basic nuts and bolts. This is the power supply. Every nut seemed to be tight and electrical connections sound. I double checked that the ground wire was attached properly as well.

There is a hinged access door on the back to get to the CO2 laser tube. The foam packing is is still in place in this photo. I nearly missed one piece as I was getting the unit ready. This would have probably made a fine mess if I had not caught it and tried to cut with some foam rubber resting on the tube. The water inlet and outlet tubing below is currently stuffed into the exhaust port.

The plastic flange on the exhaust fan housing was chipped on arrival. Not a big deal as I will build my own exhaust system at a later date. The tubing still fits over the flange, so it will work fine.

Next up: Startup and Focusing

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