The Triumph of Prometheus - Orozco

I recently made a trip to Southern California to drop my daughter off at college. I made a walk by of Frary Dining hall at Pomona College which houses this famous fresco. It is a wonderful mural and certainly worth the visit.

Primary Research Lab - WWU

I recently ventured to the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham Washington to take my son to a appointment there since he is a new transfer student. If you are not aware, Western has a wonderful outdoor sculpture collection, which is certainly worth the trip. Anytime I visit a college campus, I always scope out the gallery and art department. This summer western hosted Primary Research lab at the the Western Gallery. This show highlighted minimalist works from the collection at the school. Some of these are the outdoor sculptures by Di Suvero, Caro, Serra and more! What I found most interesting is the posting of a lot of the correspondence by the artist and gallery. A num

Pioneer Square August 2016

It has been a busy month for me and I would like to recognize a few shows and opportunities in the area before they are gone. Canadian artist Michael Abraham is at Gallery 110. Michael's studio is in Vancouver, but he is originally from Toronto. Below is Happy Train from 2015 This Won't Hurt a Bit Finally, Fixed Idea Transformation - Red Sun, 2013 Fun and well executed work here. I enjoyed the show. Michael's website is here Gallery 110 website is here.

Art Fair Report 5

I thought I'd finish with a few works I saw of interest. This rabbit sculpture caught my eye. I like the dynamic pose with the rope and hook. It took me a while to find the artist and medium since I for got to take notes, Beth Cavender Kept (Variation in Shadow), resin infuse refractory material, paint, rope, woodn base at the Jason-Jacques Gallery booth. I've always been a little skeptical of back lit paintings and photos, but each year a seem to find an interesting variation on that theme. These are by Seon Tae Hwang at the GAMO Gallery booth. As you can see, just the windows and cast lighted areas are back lit. Roland Reiss' Slipstic from 1969 at Diane Rosenstein (Gallery Photo). Rol

Art Fair Report 4

I thought I'd show a few odds and ends for the Seattle art Fair at the beginning of the month. This gives you an idea of the booth set up if you were not able to attend. Mark Ryden work is always popular. He had a few pieces at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. This is Chroma Structure 113, 2015. Also from the Paul Kasmin Gallery were some works by Roxy Paine. This one is Speech Impediment no 2, from this year. Poor photo here, but it is an expertly carved sculpture. Another Roxy Pain piece titled "Experiment". This is an expertly carved, assembled and lighted sculpture of a room in forced perspective. A great work that garnered alot of attention. Here is a shot at an angle to show the distortion

Gina Lawson Egan Opening at Square I Gallery

Ceramicist Gina Lawson Egan is an artist friend of mine from our Claremont Graduate University days. She still lives in the Claremont area and is involved in a 3 person show titled, "TAG". Art Opening: Sculpture, Painting, Teapots. September 3rd. Show runs September 3rd-30th. Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm or by Appointiment.

Art Fair Report 3

One of the most interesting series I saw at the Seattle Art Fair was a selection of ceramic plates decorated by Pablo Picasso. I am aware of him creating and decorating ceramics, and have seen various sculptures and busts, but I have never witnessed and plates or vessels like these. There were a few Picasso drawings, prints, and paintings at the fair, but these stood out. I like the presentation in the shadowbox frame. They were displayed at the ACA Gallery booth. ACA is of course American Contemporary Art Gallery of New York. They've been around since 1932. Here is a closeup of one of the plates (Courtesy the ACA website)

Art Fair Report 2

One observation I made from the Seattle Art Fair was that Pop Art, or collecting authentic Pop art seems to have made a resurgence as I saw a number of pieces present. One of my favorites, Californian Ed Ruscha's work was present in a number of booths. Above are a couple of Ruscha's works, which are gunpowder and graphite on paper. A lot of predictable Warhol prints and paintings were abundant, but I saw these two pieces I think were from the 50's, that you don't see everyday in person. Here is a small Lichtenstein sculpture from 1967 I saw at the ACA Galleries of New York booth. I didn't realize he made 3-d works in the 60's. Pop Art works from Rosenquist, and a number of small Wesselmans

Art Fair Report 1

A bit late coming, I've been distracted by my Olympics fetish. Anyway, I snapped a quick picture of this Dan Douke painting/sculpture at the Seattle Art Fair. Douke's works are some of my favorites and influential in my development. I believe this to be in the Peter Mendenhall Gallery booth. The image is of "Code" from around 2012. It is oil on canvas. None of the surface is real. The wood is painted and the purple, orange and green areas are painted to look like colored paper. Anyway, it was a treat to see one of his pieces here in Seattle, as it is usually a trip to Los Angeles in order to see his work.

August Artwalk and Seattle Art Fair Entry 1

There was a lot of art activity last week in the Seattle area. The 2nd Seattle Art Fair coincided with the traditional first Thursday night art walk. I think I'll break these into a number of entries to attend to at my leisure. Greg Kucera Galley I was curious as to what would be going on at the Kucera Gallery during the art walk, since he is so involved with the Seattle Art Fair. This month one of the featured artists is Margie Livingston. The exhibit is titled, " Too soon for Hindsight". The image included is titled, "Body of work". It consists of traditional canvas stretchers attached together with 2" x 2'" wood and house framing brackets. However, the most interesting feature is the

Cause and Effect Completed

In a flurry of activity, including the Pioneer Square Art Walk and the Seattle Art Fair, I managed to finish this piece today. I'm pleased with the results. The gauges actually have clear acrylic faces.

Cause and Effect Background Complete

As I keep moving forward with this piece, components are progressing well. I finished the background panels win a blue and white them and then distressed them slightly.

Cause and Effect Progressing Nicely

I started, well and actually finished the distressing of the frame for "Cause and Effect". At first I wasn't sure how it would go but as the layers progressed I like it more and more. The galvanized finish wasn't reading as well as I liked until it started getting "dirty".

Saatchi Global Gallery Guide Entry

I've been learning a lot about local and not so local gallery guides with this Kerns Center show. Here's a screen capture from the Saatchi Global Gallery Guide.

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