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Art Fair Report 5

I thought I'd finish with a few works I saw of interest.

This rabbit sculpture caught my eye. I like the dynamic pose with the rope and hook. It took me a while to find the artist and medium since I for got to take notes, Beth Cavender Kept (Variation in Shadow), resin infused refractory material, paint, rope, wooden base at the Jason-Jacques Gallery booth.

I've always been a little skeptical of back lit paintings and photos, but each year a seem to find an interesting variation on that theme. These are by Seon Tae Hwang at the GAMO Gallery booth. As you can see, just the windows and cast lighted areas are back lit.

Roland Reiss' Slipstic from 1969 at Diane Rosenstein (Gallery Photo). Roland was the chairman of the Claremont Graduate University art department while I was receiving my MFA.

Bobcat Kitten (Grand Canyon, AZ) 2015 by Sean Landers at the Petzel Gallery booth added a little humor for me. Well painted.

Last year I saw a different Louise Nevelson at this show. This one is on the smaller side which you don't see too often.

The second installment of the Seattle Art Fair was a success for me as I saw a lot of work that we typically don't see in this region. The economics and politics of this fair are always in a bit of flux. I hope that it continues for years to come.

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