November in Pioneer Square

I made a quick trip to Pioneer Square to see the shows before the are take down for November. Actually this one is up through the month of December. Greg Kucera Gallery has Margie Linvingston's Extreme Landscapes. Livingston creates these paintings on wooden panels and then literally drags them behind her over a selected route. Kinda fun. There is a video of the process included in the gallery. Many of the pieces include the backpack, tether/harness and other artifacts from each particular "journey". They are performance pieces on a variety of levels. Some of the surfaces are stunning! Speaking of surfaces, these are from October by Claude Zervas. On the left is TARN CLAMP RASTER, 2016 and t

Gallery Affiliation with Lynn Hanson Gallery

I am pleased to announce that I have signed a contract to show with Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle. I've added a page to my "About" tab of my web page. Hopefully I can add a few more galleries out of the Puget Sound Region in the near future.

Shipping Artwork

I occasionally am asked about how a pack and ship my work and thought I would document my process. In this day and age, with the cost of shipping you need to be resourceful and be able to keep things lightweight. Decades ago, I could send a suitcase sized wooden crate anywhere in the USA for around $5.00-$7.00 each way using UPS. Those days are long gone. It doesn't help either that UPS and the USPS are not that thrilled with shipping art in general Anyway, here is my process: Step one was to figure out how big of box is needed. The artwork is 1 1/2" x 11" x 11", so I figure a box around 5" x 15" x 15". I couldn't find a ready-made box approximately that size hand, so I actually cut a 25" x

Progress on Confirmation

I am attempting to complete a second piece to ship to Claremont and Square-i Gallery for the December 11 x 11 show. Here is an in progress shot for the work. I have placed a salmon on the work to give me an idea of what it will look like completed, even though it will have a blue rockfish instead. The distressing of the work is nearly complete. You can see that I have created a gauge that fits into the piece as well. Here is a detail of the gauge. I think it came out quite convincing. The rockfish starts out as an engraving file that was completed on Adobe Illustrator. This is engraved into 1/8" birch plywood on my K40 laser. This file is used to cut out the pieces for the work on the K40 a

Diligence Completed

Here is a step by step execution of Diligence, an new piece I've been working on. It is intended to go to Claremont California for the 11 x 11 show at the Square-i Gallery. Sorry for the blurry cell phone shots. Here's how they start, simply MDF skinned over plywood. The corners are cut and engraved MDF as well. The "scres" are 1/4" hardwood plugs with a Phillips head screw pattern engraved. I created an engraved and cut insert to fit inside the frame, much like a mat fits inside a picture frame. After priming dark gray, I sprayed a few coats of silver I wanted the faux finish to look like really weathered and dirty zinc coated metal. Here's the start. Here are all of the pieces aligned in

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