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Shipping Artwork

I occasionally am asked about how a pack and ship my work and thought I would document my process.

In this day and age, with the cost of shipping you need to be resourceful and be able to keep things lightweight. Decades ago, I could send a suitcase sized wooden crate anywhere in the USA for around $5.00-$7.00 each way using UPS. Those days are long gone. It doesn't help either that UPS and the USPS are not that thrilled with shipping art in general.

Anyway, here is my process:

Step one was to figure out how big of box is needed. The artwork is 1 1/2" x 11" x 11", so I figure a box around 5" x 15" x 15". I couldn't find a ready-made box approximately that size hand, so I actually cut a 25" x 25" in square of cardboard to make my own box. I cut it on a table saw, and cut the flaps as well. I scored the folds with a box cutter, folded it together and clamped and glued it. I created a lid the same way.

I forgot to take a picture of it empty, but I next lined the interior of all surfaced with 1" thick styrofoam. There is a 1" x 15" x 15" piece behind the "walls" you see.I wrap each

I wrap each artwork with a foam sheeting. This is actually foam/film for placing between laminate flooring and concrete. I think I purchased it from Ikea.

Here it is wrapped up and placed on a piece of bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap is cut to size and sealed.

I filled any gaps with bubble wrap bumpers, that is bubble wrap rolled up into cylinders.

I slipped in the 1" x 15" x 15" insert on the top, put the lid on and taped it shut. I did the "Click and Ship" option from the USPS in this instance, so I printed the labels at home. Now off to the Post Office. I'll report in as to how they fair on the journey.

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