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November in Pioneer Square

I made a quick trip to Pioneer Square to see the shows before they are take down for November. Actually this one is up through the month of December.

Greg Kucera Gallery has Margie Linvingston's Extreme Landscapes. Livingston creates these paintings on wooden panels and then literally drags them behind her over a selected route. Kinda fun.

There is a video of the process included in the gallery.

Many of the pieces include the backpack, tether/harness and other artifacts from each particular "journey". They are performance pieces on a variety of levels.

Some of the surfaces are stunning!

Speaking of surfaces, these are from October by Claude Zervas. On the left is TARN CLAMP RASTER, 2016 and the right is WERTHERS DISCOMFORT - PORTAL RASTER, 2016. Very rich surfaces, oil on panel.

At Foster/White are ceramic sculptures by George Rodriguez. Here is Uncle Sam who is approximately eight feet tall. The huge pieces always make me wonder about the loading and firing process of such a large mass of clay.

I saw this style of wall pieces at the Foster/White booth during the 2018 Art Fair in Seattle. This of course is, El Toro.

I had not seen Rodriguez use this vessel format before. This is from his Lunar Vessel series, titled: Lunar Vessel: Snake.

At Prographica / KDR I saw this Tim Lowly portrait that I liked. Looks as if it was painted on an old plexiglass mixing palette. I do like the format and frame.

At Linda Hodges is Joseph Parker and Luminous Bodies. These were intriguing to me, upon examination, I found that they are acrylic transfers on canvas. This is an image of Luminous Bodies: 5:1. Apparently, acrylic transfers involves using acrylic media to "lift" an image, printed or otherwise off of piece of paper. Nice effect. I like the grommets for hanging as well.

As usual, a trip to the galleries in Pioneer Square is worth the trip.

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