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Born:      Seattle, Washington, July 30, 1959

Resides: Kennydale, WA

BioJames Lilly is a Seattle born artist who grew up in Bellevue during the 1960's -1970's. In 1980 he ventured to Southern California attending Pomona College where he received a BA in painting. There he studied with Karl Benjamin, one of the original op art/hard edge painters from the 1950's. James then earned his MFA from the Claremont Graduate University in 1986 and continued to live in Southern California. He had numerous gallery shows and throughout Southern California and the rest of the country. In the late 1980's James relocated back to Seattle where he has continued to paint and show. He currently lives in the Kennydale area of Renton with his wife and three children.

Rendezvous - Acrylic on Wood
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