Winding Down September

As September draws to a close a couple of end of the month observations. Kucera Gallery: Always popular Chris Webb has a series of sculptures at the gallery through October 28th. The above piece is titled The Visitor, as are a few of the other pieces in the show. This one is carved cedar, and the format is similar to pieces I am familiar with. I enjoyed this piece, Mr. Butterfly from 2014. A departure from the "log" carvings(?), the contrast of the finished arm and crutch with the pieced together salvaged beam was a nice touch. Webb may have been doing these for some time, as I'm not the most always the most up to date on current area artists. There were a number of pieces that involved

Maven of Modernism at the Norton Simon

Catching up on some travels with a visit to the Norton Simon in late August. The Maven of Modernism is an exhibition of works collected by Galka Scheyer a dealer in Southern California. She is credited with assembling the "Blue Four”—Lyonel Feininger, Alexei Jawlensky, Paul Klee and Vasily Kandinsky. This show is a nice art history anecdote as I had really never heard of Galka, and it is interesting to see the process and history of the collection. This a poor quality picture, but I always enjoy when exhibitions include correspondence letters and invoices like the one above. Ridiculous prices for spectacular works of art. Plenty of Kandinsky's to choose from! Another Kandinsky, Unequal, t

Icon Exhibition - Honorable Mention

When I entered the ICON show at Lynn Hanson Gallery. I kind of forgot that it was a "juried competition" with awards and such. My piece, Front and Center (Consideration) did receive an honorable mention award. Liana Bennett, a local gallery owner was the juror of the show. Two of my three pieces accepted are on the right of the above picture. Another shot of the gallery. I probably should have taken more. The awards reception is on Saturday, so I'll report how that goes as well.

Pioneer Square Find

At the September Pioneer Square artwalk, I stepped into the Laguna Pottery store which happens to be closing its doors soon. They specialize in collectible pottery, such as Fiestaware and other pottery from the 30's to 70's era. They also handle hand thrown work as well. My wife and I were sorting through some bargain bins, getting some no-name plates and bowls for $1.00 a piece and when we checked out at the register, I looked up at as shelf that had to have what was a John Fassbinder bottle. John was my first ceramics teacher at Pomona College and I knew he had done his undergrad work at the University of Washington before moving to Claremont. Anyway, I moved to the shelf and it was in

Gallery at The Rancho Santa Fe Botanical Gardens - Kendall Johnson

While in Claremont I discovered that there is a gallery at the adminstrative building in the Rancho Santa botanical gardens. This show was by Kendal Johnson and highlights Johnson's Pasture, an area a few miles northwest of Claremont. It caught my attention as I have run countless times through John's Pasture while a cross country and track and field athlete at Pomona College. I had no idea that anyone connected with the Johnson family was still alive or at least in the area. As you can see, Kendall creates an variety of work inspired by the area. There are some traditional flat paintings, and in this photo, you can see som dimensional work. Twigs collected from the are and adhered to a p

A New Twist on Backlit Art

As I have stated before in this blog, I'm not particularly fond of backlit paintings and photographs as many seem too contrived. I stumbled across a series of pieces at Prographica/KDR. Apparently these are rather low tech, as the combine backlit images with old style holograms. An artist team, Einar & Jamex de la Torre, created the series Borders and Other Imaginary Fractals. They are quite whimsical and I like the format. Nice work guys.

Gina Lawson Egan at Square 1 Gallery in Claremont

I've mention Gina on this blog a couple of times. I went to CGU with her and have occasionally seen her work. She works hard at her craft and has kept her career alive. I was pleasantly surprised to find some of her work at Square One Gallery in Claremont during a recent visit. I'm not sure of the gallery schdule so they may be moved soon for the next show. Check them out!

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