Accepted to: The Hidden

Good news! I have been accepted to the The Hidden exhibition at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp, Washington. The show will open April 21, 2018 and run through May 19, 2018. It appears that I will have the 3 pieces hanging in the show that are displayed below. I've shown at the Confluence Gallery before, back in 2016, I was included in Totems.

Wyeth Exhibit at the Sam

Past due here since the exhibit closed a couple of weeks ago. What a great show! I saw it all the way back on Thanksgiving weekend. My only criticism was the hanging of the show really could have been a little better thought out, there were bottlenecks that could have been avoided. It was quite crowded, so I could have chose a better time to go as well. I had only seen Andrew Wyeth's works in ones and twos before, and frankly just a few in person at that. While of course am familiar with min and his family, I really hadn't paid much attention to the medium,m a lot of tempera and watercolor. Here's an early work painted in a very traditional watercolor manner. You can see a number of wet o

Business Cards - Finally

I've been meaning to create some artist business cards for years now, and finally did. This is not the best scan, but the quality is actually quite good. I went to PS print ( since I have used them in the past for other jobs such as postcards and stickers. It came to around $30 for 250 cards, 4 colors both sides. This included tax and shipping. It took a little over a week (including New Years) to get them so I thought the delivery time was more than acceptable. I'll probably come up with another set with a different set of artworks in the spring/summer.

One Gray Hair - Frye Art Museum

First of all, this exhibit is a must see. It runs at the Frye until February 4th. I was not familiar with Alison Marks before this show, but I am now. Marks is a Tlinglet artist whose work examines how Northwest Coast native or Salish style has been basically appropriated into western culture, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. The work all incorporates her style of native design executed in some form of modern display. In the above photo I stand in front of a large set of vinyl cut wings adhered to the wall. The vinyl is a holographic surface so it shifts color, adding to the "tackiness" of the idea. While the outline and layout of this bear design is traditions, the fill is anything b

K40 Laser - Entry 15: Exhaust Modification 3

As I've stated before, the exhaust features of the K40 are laughable at best. A very poorly constructed "squirrel cage" style bathroom fan slides into some brackets on the back of the housing. Here is a picture of the unit off the machine. It probably moves all of 30 cfm (Cubic feet per minute). This is my upgrade, a 6' inline fan, designed most likely for agricultural applications such as venting green houses. It moves around 300 cfm and cost around $56 on Amazon shipped. I was originally trying to do the exhaust on the cheap, sticking with a 4" diameter fan to keep the size consistent with the plumbing. None seemed to move enough air so I went with the 6" fan. The out feed hose may ne

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