COVID-19 Lockdown - Museum Item 1-Triptych with the Dance around the Golden Calf

I thought I'd start a brief museum item spotlight feature to my blog and social media accounts during the COVID19 social distancing we are experiencing. I'll try to use my own photos, not speak too much about them, but post a link to the actual item if I can find it. I have said before on this blog, that while I have posted some useful information for people in the laser cutting, painting and some other posts, one of the main purposes of this blog is for me to use it as a almost diary of artistic events. Anyway, I have been fortunate to travel more in the last 8 years or so than the rest of my life combine, and I've been to a number of museums. Today's entry: Triptych with the Dance around t

Laser Cutting Entry 17 - Cutting Facemasks for Hospitals

It has been nearly a year and a half since I made my last "Laser Cutting Entry". I thought I'd take a moment to describe what myself and my wife are doing amid our coronavirus19 lockdown/social distancing. The local hospitals are asking for "outer" masks to be manufactured. While these are not surgical quality, apparently an outer mask like this worn over an N95 will enhance the life of the N95. Here's my wife's sewing setup with a few nearly completed masks awaiting elastic straps to be added. Here's a video of cutting a mask panel. I simply use the stock LaserDRW software to cut. Settings: Speed = 40 mm, and Power = 20%. Much faster than cutting them out with scissors, it takes around 10

Last Chance to see Robert Williams at the Bellevue Art Museum

I've been trying to write this post for a couple of months now, so I better hurry. This is a rare treat for this region. Robert Williams - The Father of Exponential Imagination is at the Bellevue Art Museum only through March 8th. Without giving an in depth account of his work, this exhibition is more or less a retrospective of his work, although a number of major pieces are missing. I really first became aware of work when I saw the Custom Culture exhibition at COCA in the early 1990's. I was really impressed that he had been a employee of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the custom car builder. I'm 60 year old now, and every boy my age knew about Ratfink during their childhood Mr. Williams also establ

Video From Drifters and Swimmers

Here's a nice YouTube video of the Marine Food Webs:Drifters and Swimmers exhibition at the Lasells Stewart center at Oregon State University. the video is courtesy of Mid-Willamette Art Trail

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