Now or Never well on its way

I managed to get the pieces for the "frame" designed and cut today. Plenty of painting to keep me busy for a while.

Pioneer Square December '16 Installment 2

Foster White Hilghlights: SaraH McRae Mortons oil paintings were exhibited at Foster White for December. This one, The Monsters of the Sleep of Reason- titled after Goya's 43rd Capricho, from 2016 is oil on linen. She is clearly influenced by her rural Pennsylvania upbringing. You can find more at her website - here. I saw Guy Laramée's work at the University of Puget Sound gallery last spring. Much of his work is sculpted paper, that is, actually carving books. These are mesmerizing pieces. This piece is, Cold Mountain Poem. This fun ceramic hardhat decorated with images of construction cranes was by Evan Blackwell.

Pioneer Square December '16, Entry 1

A little late in reporting about December's artist's walk. The highlight of this month's offerings for me was at Davidson Galleries where a great retrospective of Art Hansen is being displayed. The image shown (Courtesy of Davidson Galleries since I had a terrible shot I couldn't use) is titled, Autumn Sunset. It is a lithograph from 1980 and is indicative of the quality and dynamics or the work shown. Many of the prints, simply put, are stunning! Make sure that you see this show. While Davidson Galleries are primarily a print dealer, there were a few interesting small paintings by Fred Stonehouse. This small oil is titled Distant View. There were a few other of these petite whimsical p

Objectification 9

Here are the two pieces being shown at Objectification 9 at the Smith and Valle Gallery for December. Push or Pull (Elaborate), 2016 - Acrylic on Wood - 2" x 18 1/2" x 27" Cause and Effect (Tradition), 2016 - Acrylic on Wood - 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 15"

New work started

I've started a pair of small pieces for my And/Or series. I feel that there are only a few more works beyond these left to execute and the series will be complete.

Objectification 9 at Smith and Vallee

I am included in a multi-person show this month at Smith and Vallee Gallery in Edison Washington. The reception is Saturday December 3rd from 5-7 PM.

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