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Pioneer Square December '16, Entry 1

A little late in reporting about December's artist's walk. The highlight of this month's offerings for me was at Davidson Galleries where a great retrospective of Art Hansen is being displayed.

The image shown (Courtesy of Davidson Galleries since I had a terrible shot I couldn't use) is titled, Autumn Sunset. It is a lithograph from 1980 and is indicative of the quality and dynamics or the work shown. Many of the prints, simply put, are stunning! Make sure that you see this show.

While Davidson Galleries are primarily a print dealer, there were a few interesting small paintings by Fred Stonehouse. This small oil is titled Distant View. There were a few other of these petite whimsical paintings that got a laugh out of me and caught my attention. Here is a link to his website.

Another work that caught my eye, (maybe it was the shape of the frame), was Red Cross by Shay Bredimus, which is tattoo ink on drafting film. Shay's website can be found here.

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