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K40 Laser - Entry 7: First real Burn!

It is alive!

Here is the first somewhat serious burn or engraving on the K40 that I attempted after some basic pushing buttons to see if the unit would respond to the computer. The result is an outstanding yes. I was actually impressed with the depth of this cut and the speed at which it was done. This was executed onto a piece of 3mm birch plywood. Of course in my initial excitement I neglected to write down the power and speed settings. Anyway, I'm at least savvy enough not to push it at a high power right away. Always want to be conservative and save tube life!

I followed up the engrave with a circular cut around the artwork. The "It is Alive" artwork was created in Photoshop and imported into the Laserdrw software supplied with the K40. I then simply drew a circle around it to make the cut.

I am very optimistic with the result. Next step is to attempt to take a complex file from Adobe Illustrator and import it into the Laserdrw software and successfully engrave and then cut it in the same fashion as this first experiment. I hope it goes well!

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