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Diligence Completed

Here is a step by step execution of Diligence, an new piece I've been working on. It is intended to go to Claremont California for the 11 x 11 show at the Square-i Gallery. Sorry for the blurry cell phone shots.

Here's how they start, simply MDF skinned over plywood. The corners are cut and engraved MDF as well. The "screws" are 1/4" hardwood plugs with a Phillips head screw pattern engraved.

I created an engraved and cut insert to fit inside the frame, much like a mat fits inside a picture frame.

After priming dark gray, I sprayed a few coats of silver

I wanted the faux finish to look like really weathered and dirty zinc coated metal. Here's the start.

Here are all of the pieces aligned in place in various states of completion.

Here's a close up of the nearly finished frame. There are recesses on each corner to accept a faux bronze emblem of sorts.

Here's the piece with the frame and insert more or less completed. the background and Garibaldi fish primed.

Here's a close-up of the medallions and frame with their finished surface

Everything done but the Garibaldi.

Here is the Garibaldi before painting the highlights.

Just need to add the highlights.

Here's the final product.

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