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Primary Research Lab - WWU

I recently ventured to the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham Washington to take my son to a appointment there since he is a new transfer student. If you are not aware, Western has a wonderful outdoor sculpture collection, which is certainly worth the trip.

Anytime I visit a college campus, I always scope out the gallery and art department. This summer western hosted Primary Research lab at the the Western Gallery. This show highlighted minimalist works from the collection at the school. Some of these are the outdoor sculptures by Di Suvero, Caro, Serra and more! What I found most interesting is the posting of a lot of the correspondence by the artist and gallery. A number of blueprints and maquettes were displayed as well.

A series of Albers prints

A close up

Here are some of the letters between the artists and WWU.

Di Suvero on campus.

DiSuvero drawing in the galler

Maquette and plan for Skyviewing Sculpture by Noguchi

Installed Skyviewing Sculpture

Serra Sculpture.

Anyway, it was worth the trip there. The show is only up in the gallery for a few more days, but really worth a look!

Here is a link to the WWU Gallery page

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