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Giant Pen!

Jim Woodring is a well known Seattle area artist. He is probably best know for his cartooning work. For this show at the Frye, he built a giant pen, around 4 feet long to do some pen and ink drawings.

The exhibitioni s titled, The Pig Went Down to the Harbor at Sunset and Wept.

Here is one of the drawings from the show. They are smartly done and I like that you can see some remnants of his initial pencil lines that he could not erase and you can tell where he really followed his original sketch, and where he "freelanced" it.

This is a photo from the Frye site of Jim in action using what looks like a 4 foot long Koh-i-noor pen with nib. It even has the red and black handle I remember from high school!

As usual, another show at the Frye that is worth the trip. Parking and admission is always free.

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