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Infinity Mirrors - Yayoi Kusama at SAM

I was fortunate to see the Infinity Mirrors installation by Yayoi Kusama at SAM late last month. Tickets are a bit difficult to come by, even for a SAM member! They are still available in person at the museum, you just have to go there before they open and wait in line. Typically you can get the time spot that you want.

Near the entrance of the exhibit are more traditional paintings and sculptures.

I enjoyed the tentacle like pieces.

Quite a variety of examples were included.

A rowboat inspired contribution to the show.

Here is my daughter mugging in one of the Infinity Mirrors interacting pieces. This one (and the very top image) were boxes or I guess what you would call a kiosk that you could poke your head into and take a look around. Very fun and entertaining.

Other pieces were walk in rooms with soft sculptures and mirrors. A SAM docent would let 4 people in at a time for a 20 second interaction. The exhibit was that popular (and crowded) that a very short time limit was necessary.

Inflated polka dot balls and mirrors were part of this piece.

The exterior of the same piece.

The final piece in the exhibit was even more interactive with the viewer! You were asked to place some vinyl colored dots in the gallery space.

Here is the dispenser of dots as you walk in.

Ha! My dots are somewhere in there.

Make a visit there before the show ends September 10th. It is a bit spendy at $34.95 a pop, so you may want to get s SAM membership anyway, and then it is free. Here is a link to getting tickets since it is now sold out online.

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