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Pivot for my Birthday

I ventured to the Allen Family's Pivot Gallery for the first time which happened to fall on my birthday.

I've been kind of curious as to what the Allen Family Foundation owns. I recently saw the landscape exhibition at the SAM and saw a little bit small portion there. Here I am standing in front of a pair of Frank Stella paintings, probably from the early 1960's.

The Title of the exhibit is simply, Color & Pattern. A nice example of a Rothko I think titled Yellow over Red.

Here is a more contemporary piece by Philip Taaffe from 2006 titled Cape Zephyr.

Here is a close up of the work. It appears to be paint with some sort of transfers. It is listed as mixed media on linen.

Of course this beautiful Kandinsky was perhaps the center piece of the show!

The space is sizable, but perhaps a bit smaller than you might imagine from the Allens. Still it is a stunning space. A large David Hockney, Winter Timber takes up an entire wall of the exhibit.

Looking the opposite direction gives you an idea of the scale of the space.

Three vintage ceramic platters by the late Robert Sperry were on display in the adjoining gallery.

A closeup of the center disk.

The original William O McKay Ford inlay is still intact at the door. It appears that the showroom space is still present in the building (beautifully restored) and is for rent.

Pivot is located at 609 Westlake Ave N.Seattle, WA 98109. The website is here.

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