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February at the Frye -1

Archipenko - A Modern Legacy is a show not to be missed! This exhibition snuck up on me and I really wasn't aware of it until I was there for the opening reception. Alexander Archipenko is of course a celebrated Ukrainian sculptor/painter from the early to mid 20th century. I've been fortunate to see a number of his sculptures in my travels but I've always been taken by his wall sculptures.

This one is a dandy! Quite large at 38 in. x 84 in. It is titled Cleopatra from1957 and is constructed from wood, bakelite and found objects. (Photo courtesy the Frye since no photography was allowed.)

Here is a stunning sculpture, Architectural Figure, 1950 , Painted terra-cotta , Frances Archipenko Gray Collection. (Photo from the Frye)

There are plenty of familiar Archipenko bronze figures with traditional patinas included in the show. I was especially intrigued with the other mediums like the image above. A few of the pieces were painted cast aluminum, and some painted carved wood. Another piece, one of the first artworks to include plexiglass in shown as well.

Anyway, a great exhibition worth the trip. Don't miss this one. The Frye Museum is always free!

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