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Are Artist's Donations really that?

A friend from graduate school, David Wells, shared this article on Facebook. It is titled: "The Artist and the Fundraiser" and nicely written by Jennie Gau, a Madison Wisconsin Artist. It appears on the Tone website and they describe themselves as: Tone Madison is an independent website, podcast, email newsletter, and event series covering music and culture in Madison.

Our focus is on journalism that treats culture in Madison as the complex subject it is—not as fodder for promotional fluff. We champion things we love, but we also ask annoying questions and throw the occasional brick

Artists for the most part are generous people and the article describes the dilemma and pitfalls of an artist donating work or time and how the tax laws art stacked against them. Anyway, click on the image above for a link to the article itself. It is worth the read.

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