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Seattle Art Fair - Report 2

I noted an interesting marketing or strategy from a pair of Seattle galleries at the 2018 fair. Both the Traver Gallery and Foster White chose to highlight just one of their artists and not the whole stable.

Preston Singletary is an established glass artist in the region, and I'm sure by now is regarded in high esteem in additional regions of the USA and Canada. I was fortunate to meet him probably 25 years at a Pilchuck Glass School open house and he was an unknown. I recall seeing him working with sandblasting masks on a lovely red and somewhat traditionally shaped bowl. He has refined his native Salish decorative style and glass blowing techniques into something quite special. I can see why Traver decide to go with just him!

I have seen his basket shaped vessels before, but had yet to see the style applied to a a bottle form as shown above.

This panel format was new to me as well. He has incorporated canoe and bentwood box designs as well. Certainly worth a trip to Traver and the Stonington Galleries to check out his work.

Foster White Gallery went with ceramicist George Rodriguez. He produced a number of these animal heads (masks?) that created an impressive display.

This bug was especially engaging. Unfortunately I did not get shot of the whole installation

These Lunar Vessels were included as well (Photo courtesy Seattle Art Fair). Rodriguez typically has some large scale pieces (Statuary) in the gallery as well, another deserving stop on any gallery tour. Once again, I was surprised to see "solo shows" at the two galleries, but they were visually stunning. I'm not sure how well they sold, but I like the concept.

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