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Daniel Smith Golden Gesso

A number of years ago I purchased a pint of Daniel Smith's gold gesso. I occasionally use gold paint in my work, and I have to say that this product may be the best gold paint, gesso or not, that I've ever used. It is quite smooth, and a creamy consistency. Now it doesn't cover in one coat, but the build up is consistent, and I really like the surface after a few coats. Now I've used it more or less like regular acrylic, and not as a gesso for normal painting. I do prime amy of my laser cut details that I want to look like brass or bronze with it.

I had been meaning to pick some up a while back noting that my pint was getting towards the bottom of the can, but I couldn't find any. I figured that the store was just out. Little did I know that they had stopped making it. Apparently Daniel Smith decided to focus on manufacturing oil paint and watercolor media. I guess they have really made a push in the watercolor market as it seems to have exploded recently.

The good news is that enough people complained about them dropping a number of products including the gold gesso, that they have now reintroduced it into their stores. I might have to stock pile a few quarts just in case.

I do like the screw on tops, rather than the paint can style containers. It is easier to take care of the paint and allow sit to last longer.