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Sticks and Stones Progressing Nicely - Paint Distressing Steps

So here is the original from an earlier post. The background body is a plywood structure skinned in thin MDF. the screws are 3/8" birch hole buttons with an x laser engraved to create a phillips head screw head. The release plaque is 1/8" MDF that has been laser engraved as well. The right hand side which is difficult to see is texture paste modeled to look like torch cut steel. The pipe is made from 1" dowel.

A few details such as a some welds and a small plaque on the pipe were added before a coat of dark gray was applied.

I then added a coat of Daniel Smith venetian red gesso. After it dries, I applied a coat of hair spray. Yes, lacquer hair spray from the Dollar Store.

I added a final coat of yellow, I missed a photo, but I did paint a beige color over the venetian red befor adding the yellow.

The hair spray allows me to add water to the surface of the yellow, soften it and scrape it so that it looks like chipped paint. Without the hair spray, I'd scrape all the way into the wood,

I apply a lot of elbow grease to each work. More scraping and a lot of both dry and wet sanding before adding layer upon layer of orange, brown and rust colored washes to create the desired effect. I still do a small amount of airbrushing to soften some of the features.

Just paint and attach the chinook salmon and it is done. With 2 weeks until the show, this one is in great shape.

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