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Nova Color Paints

If you are a Southern California artist you most likely know about Nova Color paints. For those not familiar with Nova Color, they are an acrylic paint and medium manufacturer located in the Culver City of the Los Angeles basin.

They are a hidden treasure of the art world! Quality paint at a very competitive price. Their catalogue lists prices ranging from 4 ounces up to a 5 gallon bucket. Since they're nestled near many movie and TV studios, I'd suspect that they do a lot of business in that arena as well.

One of my favorite products is the black texture paste pictured above. I use it for all sorts of areas in my faux style painting, and recently my 1 gallon bucket finally dried up/went bad in the very bottom. I decided to buy a quart instead this time since I figured I'd use all of it up easier since it has a screw on top and won't dry out. The snap on lid of the gallon I had finally worn out/got clogged. I have no regrets since that gallon must have been better than 10 years old! I highly endorse their products. Here is a link

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