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Michael Spafford - Epic Works

I finally made it do the Greg Kucera Gallery to see Michael Spafford's Epic Works Exhibit. Week day opportunities for gallery hopping are typically a no-go for me, and most of my Saturdays in the spring are spent at track meets as well (either watching my daughters compete, or coaching high school). I had a rare Saturday with no meets and made a beeline for Pioneer Square.

If you are not familiar with the Epic Works exhibition, it is a 3-gallery collaboration between the artist and Greg Kucera Gallery, Davidson Gallery and Woodside/Braseth Gallery.

Spafford was there to meet gallery-goers and sign copies of the wonderful catalogue. Here he is with his photographer son Spike Mafford.

Michael signing catalogues with Greg Kucera in the background. DEATH OF CHIMERA, 1984 to the left.

The opening page of my catalogue.

This shows you the scale of DEATH OF CHIMERA.


Another large work: MINOTAUR I, 1988

PERSEUS & MEDUSA, CANTILEVERED DIPTYCH, 1971. I'd seen a number of the large scaled canvases before, maybe at Seders Gallery, but I do not recall this one with its interesting format.

I had not seen these works on paper as well. they seem to be a range of dates from the 1980's to the 2000's.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and could not make it to the Woodside/Braseth Gallery for more of the exhibition, I still have a little time so I'll see if I can squeeze it in. Unfortunately, the Davidson commitment was only for April, and I missed it.

Certainly worth the trip to experience. As of May 20th, there is about a week left to see it, so you sill have time.

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