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Southern California Visit - Main Collection MOCA Downtown

It had to be probably 25 years or more since I viewed the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In fact, I had never been to the downtown space, only the Little Tokyo space. This is the museum that is basically across the street from the Frank Gentry designed Disney Music Hall.

I was treated to a display of Joseph Cornell assemblages in the first room I entered.

A little better view of some. There are a number of Cornell pieces around Los Angeles, but I do not think that I have seen this many in one spot before.

A large free-standing Louise Nevelson.

A smaller Nevelson pedestal piece. It was tucked against a wall and I would have like it to be a farther away so I could walk around it.

A handsome pair of John Chamberlain sculptures are prominently displayed in the first main gallery.

5-Card Stud by Ed Keinholz is a piece that questions our racial tensions and seems especially relevant right now. Pretty brutal image there in the car window.

Some Rauschenberg, Oldenberg, and Warhol here.

I especially enjoyed the upper Rauschenberg piece with the wings. I have seen a number of flat works on paper, and kind of temporarily forgotten about his sculptures, and wall sculpture as well.

Like I opened with, I had never been to this space and the initial gallery or two are loaded with art works that I truly admire. Certainly worth a trip or even a membership.

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