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Southern California Trip - Pomona College Art Museum

My Alma Mater, Pomona College has begun, well actually is more like in the middle of construction of a new museum of art. After much haggling with the city of Claremont, and moving one of the historic houses on the site, construction is well on its way.

The northeast corner of the site

Still a lot of concrete to be cast.

The architects rendition of the museum posted at the site.

Here is a better rendering from the Pomona College website.

Around a year ago the beautiful Baldwin House (and carriage house) was moved directly across the street, tucked between the softball field and Wig dorm.

A lot of work going on! Should be a great space. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to chase down Steve Comba, the museum's assistant director to get a tour.

This tree was just north of Baldwin house. I assume it was moved from the site as well. It seemed to be doing quite well in its "pot".

Former Pomona College President David Oxtoby should be commended for his impetus on this project. Always in support of the arts. His words are backed up by his actions, and this facility is evidence of that. It will be a fine space to display so much of the college's collection that is in storage, and of course continue the tradition of bringing in smart and contemporary shows (and therefore art aficianodos) from downtown LA.

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