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Artwalk December: Davidson Galleries

By far the best show this December in Seattle is the International Wood Block Print Invitational at Davidson Galleries. This exhibition features over forty both contemporary and historical wood engravers from around the world. The work is outstanding! I really enjoyed myself and plan to make a return trip with the idea of purchasing something. Many of the works are significantly under $100 matted. Quite a deal for this quality of work.

Otter was the first image to greet me and catch my eye. Colin See-Paynton is the artist.

Another work by Colin See-Paynton, Unkindness of Ravens.

Birds seemed to be a prevalent theme, this is Great Blue, by Neil Peck

Perhaps one of the "cover" images for this show, this is Wesley Bates The Seer (Look and See).

A fun and nonsensical print by Jim Westergard, Pygmy Marmoset.

I originally thought that this might be a WPA sponsored image. I didn't catch (or can find) the title, but it is by Harold Keeler from 1945.

The highlight of the show, or at least the opening was printmaker Carl Montford and his Adana letterpress printing press. He had a small wood block of a robin that he was inking and allowing visitors to print and take with them.

Here's a better view of the press. I checked online for Adana presses and he's made some clever modifications to it.

Here's the Robin print. Fun to do.

Here is Carl's contact info if anyone is interested.

Montford had this image, Carp in the exhibition.

I'm nor sure of the closing date, but as I opened with, this is certainly worth a visit. The Woodcut Inivitational link is here.

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