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K40 Laser - Entry 1: A New Direction

After some life changes recently it is time to get back to working on art. A laser cutter/engraver has been a valuable tool in the creating of my work. I purchased an infamous K40 laser on eBay a few weeks ago. Just unpacking it here.

The good news is that is that it did arrive in good condition. Nothing broken or damaged. This version of a laser cutter has been around for probably 8-10 years in one form or another. Early units had notoriously poor quality control, and were often damaged from poor packing considering they were being shipped all of the way from China to your door step.

I've been watching them for some time now, 5 plus years, seeing the prices drop and the quality rise. A ton of information is available on YouTube and other sites concerning this model. There are a number of manufacturers, and dozens of sellers on eBay as well. I chose one with a good feedback rating, and located as close as possible (California).

Stay tuned for way more to come!

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