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Robert McCauley at Linda Hodges

I missed posting this last month, but no big deal, since most of the work from this installation has been moved upstairs at Linda Hodges Gallery if you still want to see it

This is a light, good natured and fun show. The pieces are whimsical, which was just the ticket for the mood I was in when I viewed it. Most of the work featured bears.

There was this circular formatted deer with paint brushes in the antlers piece as well. Titled The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Save Yourself I felt was the best piece in the show! One thing I love to do is try to de-construct or de-paint an artwork. I love taking a closer look at the surface to see the underpainting process. You can see a bit of darker value showing through the white background here in this photo. What you can't see is the wonderful building of volume in the octopus. Quite well done.


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