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July Artwalk 3 - Davidson Galleries

Davidson Galleries is known primarily known for their extensive inventory and expertise in prints. They did not disappoint this month's with woodcuts by Lee Chul Soo. (Image courtesy of Davidson Galleries)

I enjoyed this painting, The Words that Won't Come, by Fred Stonehouse. While Davidson is primarily a print gallery, they seem to be pairing with another gallery (?) to show more one off or 3-D work. I searched online for the details, but could find none. I'll ask next time I am down there.

Edit: This show appears to be produced by Prographica/KDR. Actually, I've seen their shows there before, I guess they now share the space?

Death from Below by Eric Beltz is perhaps the "crispest" graphite drawing I have ever seen.

Echo Turnpike (Habitat Diorama with Rubble-Dwelling Species by Laurie Hogin. Part of the group exhibition Liberty at Prographica/KDR July 6–29. This fun painting ended up as the cover of the Stranger for one edition.

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