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Infrared Photos - Kalaloch and the Hoh Rain Forest

I spent the Fourth of July holiday over on the Pacific coast at one of my favorite places - Kalaloch. We did the usual beach hikes but this time we did take a hike up into the Hoh Rainforest as well. I took my infrared camera with me.

Not particularly impressive, but it does the job. This is an internet download of the camera model I have, and my camera is essentially the same, only a little older. I have a (well actually I bought some backups at the Goodwill, so I think I have 3) Olympus C-2000z from 1999. What makes it so good for infrared photography is that it has no IR filter inside of it like current cameras. Most cameras after around 2001 or so had a IR cancelling filter incorporated, making it impossible to shoot IR without heavy modifications. With this camera, you add an extension tube for a IR filter, get the filter and you're in business. I bought my C-2000z's and C-2020z's for between $2.99 and 4.99 at the Goodwill. The tube and filter cost far more than that!

Here is a shot of the Hoh river without the filter.

Here is the same shot with the infrared filter.

Here are a few edited examples. I prefer to convert them to grayscale and adjust them from there. 35 years ago I used black and white infrared film, and these look more like that effect, which I prefer.

The skimboards at our campsite created a nice composition.

I liked this beach stump as well.

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