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June Installment 4: Kucera Gallery

Greg Kucera Gallery's selection for the month of June is a bit of the old and some of the new. Above is an installation of Alden Mason's Burpee Gardens series from the early 1970's. It is an excellent collection from this body of work, rather than going into detail, the gallery has a well done reflection on the work here.

I enjoyed these simple images of handcuff created with pray paint on paper. These were displayed in the ¡Cuidado! - The Help installation that focuses on that forgotten segment of society; domestic workers. This is from the MIGRATION SERIES, 2016Acrylic on Paper13 x 19 inches, by Paul Rucker.

Patrick Kam created this sculpture Dragon Irons. These cast and fabricated dragons attempt to drag a suitcase across the floor, but of course are restrained and can't. This is a kinetic piece as there is a button on the small table that "turns on" the dragons to flail their claws (chains) to move forward.

I was glad to see that the local photogapher Dan Carillo had a work shown upstairs. Apparently he had an exhibition in May that I missed and this is a holdover piece. Dan works in various historical photographic methods. A year or so ago I discovered his studio on the art walk while he was creating tintypes. This is a Daguerreotype, which is a piece of silver plated copper imaged with various chemicals. Fun to see.

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